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Are you visiting London Bethel or Chelmsford?

 Why not include a Bible tour at the British Museum or of London?

Bethel tours are conducted Monday - Friday, contact Bethel to make these arrangments.  We shall be pleased to arrange a Bible tour the same day for a group of no less than 15 adults.


Your comments

 "May we please express our sincerest delight and gratitude for the tour we enjoyed yesterday!" 


"The tour guides were excellent, and a fund of biblical and historical knowledge.  The use of radio transceiver added to the quality of the tours, as one did not miss a word. It was a privilege to join your team, thank you so much"






Donations to the British Museum from Jehovah's Witnesses and Friends since 1983


Meander is by no means the only tour operator at the British Museum, however there are many reasons for booking a Tour with us.


Meander’s approach to all of its Tours is to develop scriptural themes – which really is quite different. Our experienced guides are congregation elders and/or in full-time service… and their expressions reflect a deep love for Jehovah.


Meander’s aim at the British Museum is to build appreciation for Jehovah and his written word the Bible as well as to provide an environment in which to enjoy wholesome Christian association, ensuring that everyone who joins our tours finds the experience spiritually uplifting and refreshing. This requires that Tour operator, guide and visitor have the same objective – to give all credit to Jehovah and his organisation.


Meander kindly requests that you dress respectfully (as you would for a meeting at the Kingdom Hall or visiting Bethel). Jesus said his genuine followers would be in the world and yet no part of it. This is possible because they adhere to the high standards and principles set out in God's Word. Jehovah’s Witnesses visiting the British Museum have gained an excellent reputation over the years for their orderly conduct and exemplary dress, giving a fine witness.


Meander (over the past 40 years) has donated over £225,000.00 to the British Museum on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Jehovah’s Witness visitors from around the world who have booked a Tour at the British Museum with us.


Meander’s History

In 1969, Emmanuel Zervides (pictured above with a group) first conducted informal tours around the British Museum.


Then, in 1972, the British Museum granted him formal permission to conduct tours at the Museum for Jehovah’s Witnesses and their friends.



Meander’s guides are pleased to conduct tours at the British Museum for Jehovah’s Witnesses and their friends, continuing with this work started all those years ago.

Please Note! As these tours are a private arrangement, please do not place any information printed from this web site on the notice board at the Kingdom Hall.   


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